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Google Analytics Custom Reports

Chapter 12

In Google Analytics, you have access to many standard and pre-built reports. But often you will need reports that haven't been built. One option is creating your own Custom Reports.

Under your Google Analytics property, go to:

View -> Customization -> +New Custom Report
  • Enter a report name in the Name field.
  • Choose Flat Table as Type.

For Metric Groups, select from +add metric:

  • Sessions
  • Page Views
  • % New Sessions
  • Bounce Rate
  • Transactions
  • Any Goal you have previous set up and are also important to be included in regular reports.

For Dimension drill-downs, select from +add dimension:

  • Date
  • Landing Page

Assume you want to a custom report containing only organic search data. To filter / restrict the report to show only organic search data.

medium = organic

To filter restrict the report to show only organic search data from Baidu.

medium = organic
source = baidu

Alternatively, combine the dimensions into one.

source/medium = baidu / organic

Custom Report Example

A typical Custom Report that is created through this method may have rows and columns like the format below.

DateLanding PageSessionsPage Views% New SessionsBounce RateTransactions
April 1, 2016/index.php500253337%62%7
April 2, 2016/fruits/12387031%59%2
April 3, 2016/candies/6829342%57%0

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