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Gordon Choi's Analytics Book


My book is called “Analytics Book” and has been made available online on www.analyticsbook.org since August 2016.

I have practically reviewed and/or implemented 100+ Google Analytics accounts and/or open source analytics accounts. I truly believe the knowledge of analytics (i.e. Web Analytics & Mobile App Analytics) and its materials need to be made more accessible to the public world through the Internet. The objective of this book is to share my many years of experience and knowledge on analytics (i.e. Web Analytics & Mobile App Analytics) to people who are interested to learn it and/or to use it for academic purposes.

My book has been placed on a Creative Commons license. This license allows you to share the content of this book under non-commercial use.

About the Analytics Book

The book focuses on several topics:

  • Analytics - Web Analytics & Mobile Web Analytics
  • Google Analytics - Many practical examples of analytics have been demonstrated through the use of Google Analytics
  • Open Source Analytics - Get your analytics knowledge up a notch by practically implementing open source analytics tools
  • Web Server Log Analytics - The ancestor of website's analytics
  • The Common Definitions of Analytics Metrics & Dimensions
  • Getting the Skills to become an Analyst

Table of Contents

Mobile Apps

The Analytics Book mobile app is available for download (in Android format).

About Gordon Choi (Analytics Book's Author)

The Analytics Book has been solely written by Gordon Choi.


Gordon Choi is also the author of The China Mobile SEO Book - A book which has been recommended by more than 20 Internet industry experts.

Gordon has developed and founded Folks Analytics, a full stack analytics tool for websites, iOS apps & Android apps.

Gordon Choi's Analytics Book has been available since August 2016 and is proudly powered by Folks Analytics. This book is also available in Chinese (CN | HK).

Thank you for reading! If you love my book, you're welcome to donate through Paypal.

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