Google Analytics Calculated Metrics

Chapter 09

Create a New Calculated Metrics

To create a new calculated metric, go to Admin and select your Google Analytics Properties.

View -> Calculated Metrics -> +New Calculated Metric

Under the Add Calculated Metric screen:

  • Enter a new calculated metric name into the Name field.
  • Enter an External Name which always has a calcMetric_ prefix. An External Name may only contain alphanumeric and underscore characters.
  • Select a Formatting Type from one of the options: Float, Integer, Currency, Time, or Percent.
  • Enter a Formula for your calculated metric. When you start typing in this Formula field, a list of predefined metrics may show up which can be used to create your formula. Accepted operators for your formulas include plus (+), minus (-), multiplied by (*), and divided by (/). A formula is limited to a maximum of 1024 characters.

Calculated Formula Example: Revenue per User

  • Name: Revenue per User
  • External Name: calcMetric_RPU
  • Formatting Type: Currency
  • Formula: {{Revenue}} / {{Users}}

Calculated Formula Example: Profit per User

Assume your mobile website’s profit margin is 30%.

  • Name: Profit per User
  • External Name: calcMetric_PPU
  • Formatting Type: Currency
  • Formula: {{Profit}} / {{Users}} * 0.3

Calculated Formula Example: Transactions per User

  • Name: Transactions per User
  • External Name: calcMetric_TransPU
  • Formatting Type: Float
  • Formula: {{Transactions}} / {{Users}}

Calculated Formula Example: User-based Ecommerce Conversion Rate

  • Name: User Ecom CR
  • External Name: calcMetric_EcomCRPU
  • Formatting Type: Percent
  • Formula: {{Transactions}} / {{Users}}

Calculated Formula Example: User-based Goal Conversion Rate

  • Name: User Goal CR
  • External Name: calcMetric_GoalCRPU
  • Formatting Type: Percent
  • Formula: {{Goal Completions}} / {{Users}}

Calculated Formula Example: User-based Goal Conversion Rate (for a specific goal)

Assume in your Google Analytics profile you have created multiple Goals and one of your Goals is named Registration.

  • Name: User Goal Reg CR
  • External Name: calcMetric_GoalRegCRPU
  • Formatting Type: Percent
  • Formula: {{Registration (Goal 1 Completions)}} / {{Users}}

Calculated Formula Example: Search per User

  • Name: Searches per User
  • External Name: calcMetric_SearchesPU
  • Formatting Type: Float
  • Formula: {{Total Unique Searches}} / {{Users}}

Calculated Formula Example: Sessions with Search per User

  • Name: Sessions Search per User
  • External Name: calcMetric_SessSearchPU
  • Formatting Type: Float
  • Formula: {{Sessions with Search}} / {{Users}}

Calculated Formula Example: Average User Duration

  • Name: Sessions Avg User Duration
  • External Name: calcMetric_AvgUD
  • Formatting Type: Time
  • Formula: {{Session Duration }} / {{Users}}

To use your newly created custom dimensions and/or custom metrics, create a new Custom Report and select the custom dimensions and/or custom metrics.

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